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General information

Cookies are small files that are stored by the browser on the User’s computer or mobile device. Once the User agrees, the file is added and is scanned every time he/she accesses the site.

Web browsers offer the possibility to reject the use of cookies. In doing so, however, could result in the impediment of the full and proper operation of the functions offered by the sites.

Cookies used by Immoving are standard and harmless. We utilize cookies primarily for the purpose of collecting data that helps us improve our site and to draw up statistics of the site’s use (browsing, page views, favourite elements, clicks, etc.).

Types of cookies

Below, the types of cookies used by Immoving or that come from third party partners are indicated along with their individual purpose.

Managing Sessions

These cookies are required to facilitate the access to the site and the navigation between pages, providing the User with a simplified usage of certain services offered on different sections of the website. Normally, these cookies last as long as the User's browser remains active and are deleted when it is closed. There are some cookies that may need to stay longer than the duration of the visit (session).

Company Purpose Nature Privacy Policy
Immoving Necessary functioning First part -

Performance Monitoring

We want to ensure that we provide a good experience. These cookies allow us to track how visitors use the website. This information provides us with anonymous statistics concerning, the number of people visiting the website, where they come from and which pages they visit, which enables us to continuously enhance the development of the site and our services.

Company Purpose Nature Privacy Policy
Google Analysis Third part
Google Performance Third part

Using the features

These cookies allow you to set and store preferences for the site, for example, when you login to send feedback or when there is the possibility to customize settings or the contents of the site (such as your preferred language or region).

Company Purpose Nature Privacy Policy
Immoving Necessary functioning First part -

Interest-Based Advertising (behavioural advertising)

These cookies allow us and third parties to identify, anonymous, what Users consider popular, and hence provide personalized and relevant advertising to be displayed when you browse the Internet. These cookies also allow us to build an overall picture, always anonymously, based on the preferences of individuals as they surfed the Internet, in order to provide more relevant listings.

Company Purpose Nature Privacy Policy
Doubleclick Targeting/Advertising Third part
Criteo Targeting/Advertising Third part
Yahoo! Targeting/Advertising Third part
Atlas Targeting/Advertising Third part

Advertising banner and / or textual

Through advertising platforms selected, we delegate positions on our site to other third-party advertising companies and advertising networks that can be published using the cookies of our website.

Company Purpose Nature Privacy Policy
Doubleclick Retargeting Third part
Google adwords Retargeting Third part
Facebook Retargeting Third part


In order to prevent fraudulent use of login credentials, and protect User data from unauthorized parties, we use security cookies to authenticate Users.

Company Purpose Nature Privacy Policy
Immoving Necessary functioning First part -

Social network

These cookies are used to allow Users to interact with various social networks, for instance sharing content.

Company Purpose Nature Privacy Policy
Facebook Social capabilities Third part
Google Social capabilities Third part
Twitter Social capabilities Third part

Third party content

Third-party cookies are necessary for the provision of content / functionality provided by third parties.

Company Purpose Nature Privacy Policy
Google Maps Contents Third part
YouTube Contents Third part
Floorplanner Contents Third part
Previsite Contents Third part

Managing cookie preferences

At any time you can choose which cookies you want to receive and which not by using the settings panel of the browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox,etc.). To find out where you can find these settings, which may vary depending on your browser, you can use the "Support" or "Help" functions available on your browser. However, if you decide not to accept certain cookies, you may be unable to use some features of our website.

In order to provide the best online experience, new services can be added to our Webportal that uses cookies from time to time.

We aim to maintain the information provided here as accurate as possible and use all reasonable efforts to review and update the details. Updates and changes will be published on this or other pages of our site.