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Information on data protection

Privacy policy

Real Web S.A.believes that the privacy of itsUsers is a fundamental element within its activities.Real Web S.A. is profoundly committed to the protection of personal data,and hence also the processing of visitor related details that visit the sites associated to the company Web Real S.A., and the provision of technological measures to prevent the loss of data.

Real Web SA, the data owner (hereafter "Owner"), represented by its authorized representative of the Board of Directors, would like to inform you of the following, in efforts to ensure that the processing of personal data will respect human rights , fundamental freedom and dignity of people, with particular reference to privacy and personal identity.

Types of Users

In relation to the use of the website and applications of Immoving, there are two types of Users: private and professionals (for example real estate agents, builders, etc.). Private individuals can access certain services (e.g. Search for properties) anonymously, while for other services (such as publishing a listings or receiving updates automatically) it is necessary to register prior to gaining access. Professionals can access the services provided for them after registration.

Data Collection

The Users' data is collected exclusively by the Owner, following the completion of a certain form (hereinafter referred to as the "form") by the User. The form is available "online" on the website and on applications of Immoving. The forms vary depending on the type of service that the User intends to use. For professionals the Owner collects the data either"on line" on the website or through direct contact and/or the execution of a contract.

Purposes of the processing of data

The data collected through the website and applications, processed lawfully and in accordance with principles of fairness, will be used with the prior consent of the User, in order to deliver the services provided by the site.

In particular, for the provision of services such as the contact service, which enables Users to contact the relevant person(s) regarding real estate proposals and the forwarding service which forwards Users real estate proposals of potential interest, the necessary data shall be provided to the individual participants and/or the agencies of the interested area and will then be processed. Specifically with regard to agencies and real estate groups, please see the next section.

The nature of some services require the User to communicate with Immoving, and hence also for the consequent processing of data and information on the location and the User’s preferences regarding; location, type and characteristics of the properties. Such data and information and the relative processing are indispensable to satisfy and verify the User's requirements.

The data collected can be used to provide services related to obtaining business proposals and requesting for funding offered by banks or finance companies.The data processing can also be utilized for information and commercial promotion purposes concerning products distributed by the Company and by third parties, for which a list is available at the registered office of the Company.

Finally, the data processing can be aimed at the detection of the degree of satisfaction the visitors and Users obtain from the services experienced.

Sending emails to the addresses presented on the website and applications, involves the acquisition, by the Company, of the sender’s email address. This address, together with other personal information collected, is necessary in order to respond to requests and to provide the service as requested.

The data is processed electronically and / or on paper, mainly through the use of automated and computerized procedures, and is carried out directly by the Owner or by subjects external to organization, as managers and / or processors, as well service companies, as a managers and / or processors.

Appropriate security measures are provided to prevent; the unlawful or misuse of data, access by unauthorized subjects and the loss of data.

No data collected through the website is subject to these measures, except for the purpose of delivering the services provided by the website or disturbing the data exclusively to clients of the Owner.

Processing of data in ambit of the contact and forwarding services with real estate agencies and groups.

As part of the aforementioned services, namely the contact and forwarding services,there are other data Owners, specifically, the real estate agency that publishes the proposed real estates (the contact details are published on the Agency’s header ) and local agencies as well as any real estate group which is affiliated with the agency / and the property in question. TheseOwners process your data to respond to your requests for information relating to the property or properties that you have chosen, and will ensure to provide you with complete information concerning the processing of your personal data.

Nature of providing data

The provision of data is optional, but a refusal will make it impossible for the Owner to follow up on requests and to carry out some of the services requested.

Modalities of processing

The Owner handles the data, with respect for the regulatory requirements, ensuring full compliance with the law, contracts and regulations. The recording and processing of data takes place in paper and electronic form, with logic strictly related to the above purposes, to ensure the security and confidentiality of data.The Owner deals with personal data and processes it either directly or avails of the work of others who act as managers,internal or external to the structure of the Owner(s), or in the capacity of the appointees.

With respect to applicable regulations, an anti-spam verification system is active on the communications made while responding to the property listings made available to Users. The data inserted therein may be verified with the sole purpose of identifying illegal activities or content that does not conform to these terms and conditions, but will not be processed or communicated for commercial or promotional purposes.

Data security

The data collected and processed is protected with physical and logical methods such as to minimize the risk of unauthorized access, dissemination, loss and destruction of data, with maximum respect to the provisions imposed by the Federal Act on Data Protection, June 19, 1992.

Scope of communication and dissemination of data

The information the User provides will be communicated and used exclusively by the Owner and any other company appointed to process.

As specified, for some services, the data is communicated to companies that collaborate or use the services of the Owner (e.g. individual participants for information on real estate, banks or financial companies for the provision of mortgages and loans, and other related financial services), with the sole purpose of providing the services requested by the User.

In these cases, the companies are autonomous Owners, and the Owner is not responsible for the processing of the data on their part. The Owner is also not responsible for the content nor obliged to respect the Data Protection Law by sites of the Owner unmanaged to which reference is made.

The owner is also not responsible for the content nor obliged to respect the Data Protection Law for the sites which are on under its management.

Transfer of data abroad

Personal data collected through the website and applications, can be transferred outside of the national territory, exclusively for the execution of the services requested through the website and subject to the specific provisions of the Code.

Information about cookies, search engines and location data

Cookies are designed to expedite the analysis of internet traffic, facilitate User access to services offered by the website that are useful and relevant to visitors.Through the use of cookies, personal data will not be transmitted nor acquired, and the systems are not used to track Users.

If you do not want to accept cookies and provide information to the Company, the User can set their browser settings to block cookies, however doing this may affect their site experience.

The following is a list of approved suppliers that insert cookies on our site: Criteo, DoubleClick and other third-party systems that offer ads (further details can be found in the “Use of Cookies” section).

The information relating to real estate proposals included on the website will be visible through the use of the internal search engine and could also be found through third party search engines because Immoving allows the indexing of its own content by third party search engines.

In the case where the page relative to a listings has already been removed from Immoving, it is possible that the cached copy remains among the search results for a few days. The search results are not operated by Immoving, but the User can report the removal of the page, and solicit the updating of the cached copy directly to the search engine itself.

Through the use of the applications of Immoving with position detection active, Real Web S.A. may collect and process information regarding the position of the User.

This data is processed anonymously in a form that does not identify the User personally, and is used only to facilitate the fruition of certain functions of the applications based on location.

Location services can be enabled or disabled by the User at any time by accessing the settings of their device.

Duration of data processing

The data processing will last no longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose of the collection i.e. the storage of search criteria, notification and publication of listings, and the contacting of professionals. The processing will last until the party concerned decides to clear all data inserted, by notice to the Owner.

Rights of parties concerned

The User has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or otherwise of personal data, even if not yet registered, and confirmation that the data is made available in an intelligible form.

He/she can also request to understand the origin, rationale and purpose of the data, along with manner in which it is processed, the identity of the data Owner,the representative of the State territory and the subjects / categories to whom the data may be disclosed or who may become aware of it as designated representatives in the State, as managers or agents.

The User obtain the cancellation, the transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of the data processed in violation of the law and furthermore the updating, correction or, if there is interest, the integration of data; He/she may oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing itself.

All of the User’s rights have been brought to attention, also with regards to their content, of those to whom the data were communicated or disseminated.

Data Owner:responsibilities and duties

The Data Owner avails itself of the responsibilities of data processing for the purposes previously specified. The Data Owner has also appointed its employees and collaborators as trustees of the data processing.

The interested party has the right to request information on the data relating to him/her and that are processed by Immoving.

Each User can request further information on the above description or deletion of their personal data by writing to:

At any time, by logging on to their account, the User can access their personal data, updating or modifying it.


This information may be subject to change. If substantial changes are made to the data practices by Real Web SA, it will alert Users by publishing the changes as clearly as possible on their pages.